Anna Grcich and Nicole McKee are changing the world one healthy meal at a time. After sparking a friendship at a kickboxing class, Grcich and McKee discovered a mutual dedication to whole food, clean eating and fitness. They soon founded a meal preparation business called The WHOLEsome Package where they provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for clients. These healthy meals can be enjoyed by all, but are especially enticing to people following vegan, paleo, gluten-free, ketogenic and Whole30 diets. The WHOLEsome Package is changing the perception of prepackaged foods by sourcing ingredients that are organic and local while incorporating proteins that are free of antibiotics and steroids. 

My successes. 

The WHOLEsome Package prepares grab-and-go meals that can be purchased from their brick-and-mortar retail space. The business owners began to broaden their scope of influence when they noticed a drop in business over the summer. They now offer a delivery service to local corporations, giving office employees an alternative lunch option beyond fast food. The WHOLEsome Package now makes weekly deliveries to a variety of organizations including the University of Notre Dame, AM General and the Indiana Toll Road.

How SCORE helped. 

Grcich and McKee collaborated with SCORE mentor Ed Lockman to build a company that epitomized their passion for nutrition.

For both business owners, that passion for nutrition stemmed from a place of personal experience and change. Grcich’s son, Cayden, endured health complications after birth. His doctors insisted Cayden ingest a common, store-bought protein shake to obtain the nutrients his body needed. After conducting research, Grcich ditched the sugar-laden shake and began making a homemade organic formula instead. When she gave it to Cayden, her son not only survived but also thrived.

Watching a parent pass away from cancer made McKee determined to put health first for herself and her family. It was this life-altering experience that set her on a path to educating others about how to use food to create a healthy lifestyle.

Those difficult experiences propelled Grcich and McKee forward to create a business which has clients continually reaching for their healthy menus.

The WHOLEsome Package, LLC